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P & M Cabinets of Ashland, VA is the area's top choice forĀ custom cabinets and custom shelving. We've been in business since 1989, helping thousands of homeowners give their homes exceptional new looks.

Our cabinets are customized to fit your preferences and the design requirements of your space. We only provide the best and most creative solutions for our customers, so they get the most out of their living spaces.

In addition to cabinets and shelving, P & M also creates build-ins, entertainment systems and walk-in closets in Ashland, VA. No matter what improvements you're contemplating, P & M Cabinets can create and install products that strike a perfect balance between functionality and beauty.

Trust our professionals to take your home to the next level with beautiful new shelving and cabinetry. If you're ready to revamp your home, schedule a consultation with P & M Cabinets today at 804-798-4529 to discuss all your options.

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P & M Cabinets would be pleased to take on your next cabinetry, shelving, or mantle project. We thrive on providing our customers with a personalized, functional solution to meet all their needs.

From bathroom and kitchen cabinets to fireplace built-ins and garage shelving, our contractor service can revamp any area of your home.

P & M Cabinets offers free quotes, consultations, and basic design work through 3-D renderings. If you have any questions or would like to get started, call P & M Cabinets in Ashland, VA, and the Greater Richmond Area today at 804-798-4529.

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